Chemical Pallets

Chemical Pallets

Chemical industry pallets known as CP pallets (chemical pallets) are often used in the logistics of chemical products. CP pallets are used to transport chemical substances such as fertilizers, paints, varnishes, chemicals and cleaning products. They are solid pallets designed for repeated use both during transport and storage of goods. The new variants are suitable for export outside the EU as they come standard with ISPM15 treatment, which meets the phytosanitary requirements of the ISPM-15 directive.

CP pallets are, as stated, high quality and strong pallets which we offer in various dimensions and load capacities. Due to the standardization of wood dimensions, CP pallets are attractively priced and can be combined. Chemical pallets are mainly used in the chemical and plastics industries.

We offer CP chemical pallets in all standard models and dimensions. You will find 9 different versions of both new and used CP pallets. These wooden pallets have a standard designation and are known as CP-1 to CP-9. Designs vary in terms of the dimensions and construction of these wooden pallets. Pallets CP1 to CP9 have a three-skid base and are covered with 7, 9 or 11 boards, if necessary, with space in the middle for loading barrels, cylindrical tanks or so-called industrial bags. BigBag. Our assortment always includes CP pallets that fit the needs of your company.